What we do.

We create unique engaging game experiences for web and mobile devices.

Game Production Services

We specialize in casual mobile and web games of any size

Game Design

From game concepts, prototyping, to level design and user experience consulting

Game and Concept art

Our talented art partners can create original styles or work within your brand needs

Our capabilites.

Game production services

From complete game production to concept art and UX consulting our experienced team will work to add value to your product or brand

Original Games.

We create unique engaging experiences for casual audiences

UX Consulting.

We test your game against it's target audience. We look, listen, ask and give you powerful insights about your product. No one provides more valuable feedback to what your game needs that your end users, and we know how to get that for you


We partner with the most experienced edutainment and social responsability experts to provide games solutions for non profit organizations and companies.

Concept and Game Art

Our incredibly talented team and art partners can provide you any art style. Our experience working with the best international entertainment brands is paramaunt

The process.


During the proposal stage, we dive into our client´s business requirements and competitive landscape.



Any idea can be great or dull until you can play it. This is why we take our prototyping process as far as needed to secure that our projects will start in the right direction.


Game Iterations

We believe that game production is a continuous process of iterations, each one adding value to our products and taking the experience further.


Game and UX Testing

Testing the game with the correct audience is a key part of our development process. During each stage of the development we test agains the target audience and share the results with our customers



We hire professional QA services to ensure the quality, stability and usability of our games





Further Games Studio.

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